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Looking Forward by Catching Up

As the year comes to an end, forecasts and predictions for the upcoming year fill our newsfeeds. Blogs and articles peppered with the latest and greatest […]

Showcasing Technology and Developing Reference Customers in the Public Safety Market

Over the last few years, PSN has worked with several companies showcasing their technologies with first responders to generate awareness and secure early reference customers. We’ve […]

Leveraging Communications Solutions for Disaster Response

When natural disasters strike, communications systems typically take the hardest hit. Downed power lines and cell towers leave public safety agencies unable to receive calls and […]

Privatizing Your Online Presence

We live in an age where at all times, most of us are within feet of some sort of smart device. Whether it’s a smartphone using […]

It’s Back to (Smart) School Time….

Active shooter incidents and school shootings have risen to record numbers in recent years. In 2021 alone, there were more school shootings than any other year […]

Change Management in Public Safety

Have you ever felt like you were just getting the hang of a new process or technology and a new upgrade or update knocks you back […]

Tackling the World of Public Safety Acronyms

Acronyms are created to make our lives and our jobs a little bit easier. However, at the EOD (End of Day), do you ever feel like […]

Social Media Strategies for Public Safety Technology Companies

The Public Safety Network is excited to announce that Marie Eason has joined our team to focus on digital marketing for public safety technology companies. Marie […]

The Real Fire Service Burn Out

  It’s been making headlines for months….some could argue even years – “[Insert Your Local Department Name] Closes Station Due to Staffing Shortages.”  Fire departments have […]

Public-Private LTE Partnerships: Key Business Considerations

As we look to the recent milestone of FirstNet’s 10-year anniversary and continuing progress in launching public safety broadband networks worldwide, we focus this blog on […]

The New Era of Satellite for Public Safety

Satellite used to be a very cumbersome option for public safety. It was essentially Plan Z for communication (i.e., when there literally was no other connectivity […]

Build, Buy, Partner? Insights into Public Safety Technology Vendors’ Strategies

The race is on among public safety technology vendors as police, fire and emergency medical response agencies upgrade their IT systems, adopt mobile technologies, and move […]

What’s Coming Next for Public Safety Tech

What’s Coming Next for Public Safety Tech   Looking ahead to 2022, instead of making new year’s resolutions – i.e., those goals we hope will come […]

Listen to the Voice of Your Public Safety Customers

Listen to the Voice of Your Public Safety Customers Here at PSN, we pride ourselves on our solid relationships with public safety organizations around the world. […]

How to Showcase Technology and Develop Reference Customers in the Public Safety Market

How to Showcase Technology and Develop Reference Customers in the Public Safety Market Over the last two years, PSN has worked with five companies showcasing their […]

Improving Patient Care with EMS Focused Technology Solutions: Part 3

Improving Patient Care with EMS Focused Technology Solutions: Part 3 On Scene Arrival and Patient Stabilization   So, we’ve covered the technology that’s enhancing patient care […]

Improving Patient Care with EMS Focused Technology Solutions: Part 2

Improving Patient Care with EMS Focused Technology Solutions: Part 2 Let’s dive right into the next stage of a 911 call for EMS response and transport […]

Improving Patient Care with EMS Focused Technology Solutions: Part 1

Improving Patient Care with EMS Focused Technology Solutions Part 1 The goal of emergency medical services is to get patients the care they need as quickly […]

Data Communications Where and When You Need It: Advancements in Range Extension for Public Safety Operations

As builders of public safety LTE broadband networks and former first responders, the team at PSN understands the value of broadband communications in emergency response. But […]

Another Critical Step Towards NG911

On March 22, 2021 the House Energy & Commerce Committee convened a hearing to discuss the LIFT (Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s) America Act. Introduced earlier this […]

Why Do We Need Technology For Public Safety?

I believe that first responders are amazing people. I believe they are selfless, work incredibly well in teams, and work each day genuinely wanting to help […]

Reflecting on FirstNet’s Accomplishments – Contract Year 1

On March 30, 2018, FirstNet celebrated the one-year anniversary signing of its public safety nationwide broadband contract with AT&T. It was a year stacked with significant […]

Leveraging FirstNet to Make Our Schools Smart….Just Like Our Homes and Cars

Violence in our schools has clearly reached a boiling point in the United States.  One only needs to pull up Facebook, turn on the television, or […]

Innovative Public Safety Communications Technologies and the Value of Early Adoption

Historically, public safety agencies have been hesitant to incorporate new technology into field operations, preferring instead to conserve limited financial resources and rely on their trusted […]

Public-Private LTE Partnerships: Key Business Considerations

With the speed of technological development, particularly in LTE communications, the approach that both private and government entities take in creating arrangements for the deployment and […]

Realizing the Importance of Encryption for Public Safety Operations

Privacy and the use of encryption have been the topic of much conversation in the news recently. The advent of new, impressive technology also brings with […]

Empowering Public Safety With Life Saving Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the incredible network of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing […]

It’s Personal, It’s Not Just Business: Empowering Your Workforce

“It’s not personal, it’s just business.” How often have we heard this phrase, either from someone we know who has just done something we probably weren’t […]

Imagining The Whole New World Of Public Safety Apps

On the inaugural day of the APCO 2018 conference last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to talk about the new world of public […]

Your Network is Only as Reliable as its Power Infrastructure

Our lives depend on readily available energy every day….period. When lives are on the line, available energy to power mission critical communication is paramount. However, the […]

Going Mobile-First Is a Win-Win for Public Safety Agencies

With the ability of public safety to now truly leverage broadband wireless for mission-critical communications, the market is shifting from a focus on large, fixed infrastructure […]

Going Mobile First Reduces Costs, Increases Capabilities For Public Safety Agencies

With the implementation of public safety LTE networks in the United States and abroad starting to grow, law enforcement and other public safety agencies can now […]

Public Safety Technology 2018 Year In Review

It’s been a tremendously exciting year for the development and implementation of new technologies leveraging public safety broadband capabilities.  In the course of our travels this […]

2019 Public Safety Communications Technology Forecast

Our January 8th blog highlighted the most notable public safety broadband communications developments we observed in 2018. Now, looking ahead to 2019, instead of making new […]

European Countries Moving To Procurement For Public Safety Lte Broadband Network

Momentum continues for public safety broadband around the world. The BroadWay Project recently held a webinar and information day to update industry on its procurement plans […]

Cad On Smartwatches Is A Game Changer For Police Communications

As police departments and other public safety organizations shift their communications infrastructure to wireless broadband and cloud-based apps, smartwatches look set to have a massive impact […]

How Will Ptt-capable Smartphones Impact Public Safety Communications?

With the introduction of FirstNet PTT, the first commercial push-to-talk service built on mission-critical standards, public safety agencies now have the opportunity to augment their existing […]

The Path To Mobile Ptt Implementation For Public Safety Agencies

Push to talk (PTT) has long been the foundation of mission-critical voice communications in public safety, dating right back to the earliest deployments of two-way police […]